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A Message from WorkingMatters Founder and Certified Executive Coach, Linda Yaffe:
We are all looking for that competitive edge, something that’s going to set us apart and propel us forward. 

Perhaps for now your own edge may be temporarily misplaced. As a result, moving yourself or your business up through the ranks can feel more difficult than ever before.

We can assist you.

Whether you are privately looking to work with a coach or want to provide coaching for your employees, we partner with people at all levels within an organization.

It doesn’t matter if you are  Early Stage, Mid or High Level Career or even President, we will provide you with the skills and strategies that enable you to perform, advance and lead in today’s challenging times. 

When working with Companies and Organizations, our focus is on employee development and leadership enhancement. Our coaching is designed to produce positive changes in performance and business behaviors for your top talent and rising stars.

Coaching delivers powerful results.

Due to the expanding demands of work it’s easy to lose sight of your personal brand, impact or how you “show up” for your people and those who can influence your success. Some of us find ourselves being reactive rather than proactive or passive rather than assertive. 

If you want what it takes to look ahead when others are looking down and to take bold steps that define true leaders and smart companies, then let’s talk. 

For Companies and Organizations:

to develop and retain your present and next generation of leaders as a priority for growing your organization. This is where leadership matters. This is where you experience the bottom-line benefits of creating leaders to help move your organization forward.

For Presidents and CEOs: 

if you are in business by yourself or leading your team of people. This is where you play to win. This is where you’ll find the tools to become a stronger leader, the skills for motivating people and the strategies to move your company forward. This is where you experience performance shifts that enhance your leadership and how your business delivers.

For High Level Managers and Executives:
to make an impact on your people and your career. This is where you achieve as a leader. This is where you move to top areas of responsibility and produce outcomes that generate real results for you, your people and your company. This is where you learn to operate at the highest levels of learning, performance and achievement.
 For Early to Mid-Level Career/Business Professionals:

to strategically position yourself for advancement and become more self-confident and self-assured. This is where you take your career into your own hands. This is where you hone your time management and managerial skills while “raising the bar” for your professional success.











“I am immensely enjoying my coaching sessions with Linda and very excited about the changes I’ve made already and the impact these changes are having within my organization.”

“We are very happy to have Linda coach our staff. Since she has been working with our managers, we have seen a marked increase in their performance and effectiveness.  Linda’s coaching has also given our star people the confidence and skills to position themselves as leaders in our workplace environment.”
—I.H.   Principal, International Travel

"Coaching improves results. The on-going dialogue of coaching guarantees that people know what is expected of them and how their work fits into a larger vision or strategy. That affects responsibility and clarity. As for the commitment, coaching helps there, too, because the style's implicit message is 'I believe in you, I'm investing in you, and I expect your best effort.' Employees very often rise to that challenge with their heart, mind, and soul."
Daniel Goleman, author 


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